Strategic enterprise of the Dnipropetrovsk region Kolomoisky gave (Video)

Стратегическое предприятие на Днепропетровщине отдали Коломойскому (Видео)

Aul chloroperlidae the station was transferred to the structures of the odious oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The Dnipropetrovsk oblast Council, who recently headed the ally of the businessman Svyatoslav Oleynik, brought the company out of communal ownership and give it to the structures associated with Kolomoisky.

About it the correspondent “SE” has learned from the investigation of FE “Stopcar”.

Aul chloroperlidae station – a unique strategic venture. As the Director of the Association of vodokanals of Ukraine Oleksandr Shkin, about 80% of utilities in Ukraine while using liquid chlorine as a disinfectant.

However, liquid chlorine is not only substance, without which the country could cover the epidemic of gastric disease, but also one of the most common types of chemical weapons.

How these weapons are dangerous, the whole world had the opportunity to see firsthand the example of the war in Syria.

Therefore, all that relates to the use of this substance must be strictly controlled. In Ukraine there is only one plant for the production of chlorine and the one and only station on its packaging, which until recently was state-owned.

So who got this treasure, for which the property of the station was taken out of communal ownership and put up for auction? The limited liability company “AGENTSTVO Mega Plus”.

According to the data analytical platform, YouControl, the company specializiruetsya on the surrender of the property to rent.

The official site no comments request to send is impossible, and according to a single address, which you can see in the registry, about the company nobody’s ever heard.

Note that the founder and the head of OOO “AGENTSTVO Mega Plus” – Andrew Sitnikov. A man with the same first and last name listed among the Directors and managers of the law firm “Sitnikov, Borodenkov and partners” and “Kremenchug steel company”, which is the same as a factory for the manufacture of chlorine “Dnepr”, is related to the group “Privat” entering the sphere of influence of the notorious Igor Kolomoisky.

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Стратегическое предприятие на Днепропетровщине отдали Коломойскому (Видео)

Стратегическое предприятие на Днепропетровщине отдали Коломойскому (Видео)