Stratolaunch Systems ceased development of space rockets and engine

Stratolaunch Systems прекратила разработку космических ракет и двигателя

Stratolaunch Systems announced changes of plans. The company abandoned the development of a family of space rockets and engines for them to concentrate on making aircraft.

Together with the cancellation of the missile project Stratolaunch Systems will cut more than fifty people. Now the company intends to focus on creating dvuhfyuzelyazhny aircraft with six engines. It was conceived for the orbiting of the spacecraft. Over the same system works for Virgin Galactic Richard Branson.

Liner Stratolaunch Systems already assembled and are undergoing ground tests. The first flight should take place this year. The plane’s wingspan was the largest in the history of aviation: 117,3 meters. For comparison, the Boeing 747-8 wingspan is 68.5 meters, the Airbus A380 is 79.8 per meter.

In October Stratolaunch Systems has lost one of the founders: aerospace startup founder Paul Allen has died after a long illness.