Strawberry summer: the benefits and harms for women’s health

Клубника летом: польза и вред для женского здоровья

And now began the most berry time, markets can already be seen in the sale of everyone’s favorite strawberries.

First of all, the strawberry is, of course, a great dessert, but not less actively used in therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, says Ivona.

Strawberry contains many nutrients necessary for the health of women. This berry is considered one of the main sources of minerals. It contains iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon, zinc and copper.

Who can’t eat strawberries

In addition, the strawberry is part of the whole complex of vitamins, including A, b and C. It is a known antioxidants that make the skin becomes elastic and elastic. Strawberries are rich in folic acid, essential for normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Strawberries are useful in combating cellulite: small bones berries act as exfoliation, stimulating circulation in the problem areas, and acid bleach the skin and increase its elasticity.

Strawberry, due to small calorie, is a popular product during diets and fasting days. It has a mild laxative effect, so helps to cleanse the bowel and detoxify the entire body.

Eating strawberries improves vision, helps with gout, enhances memory, speeds up the metabolic processes in the body. With salicylic acid strawberry has anti-inflammatory properties.

Damage strawberries

A large amount of fruit acids in the strawberry makes it harmful for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not recommended to use strawberries and hypertension, especially in patients receiving drugs on the basis of enapril.

In combination with the berry it can create increased load on the kidneys.

Strawberries – quite a strong allergen, so put her in the menu gradually. And strawberry mask for face the first test on a small area of skin.

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