Street art in an ancient castle

Стрит-арт в старинном замке

Elena Karaeva

French street artists got carte Blanche and complete freedom of action in the Bois de Vincennes castle. In the Park there are installations and other works of street art, and the atmosphere of the Royal residence was.

The initiator of the exhibition – the artist who took the pseudonym Zeus: “it seems to Me that such a counterpoint to the healing art, in which we are engaged, and the lock method to acquire a second youth. And for tourists and visitors the opportunity to look at the French counterculture in such an unexpected place.”

The castles of the French rulers is always the characters that carry symbolic value and containing a message to descendants. Today, street art shows that this Epistle, which was laid by the kings, their historical successors either did not understand or did not bother to read.

A counterpoint to the healing art

Not all agree with what Zeus said: “you Know, I don’t quite agree that it is appropriate. To do this, there are other halls and facilities. I have such exposure causes some internal protest.”

But there is another point of view: “I believe that contemporary art here is very in place, it also leaves a memory. Just have this memory of a different nature. Me what is happening here is not surprising, not shocking and does not cause rejection. Another thing. what I don’t understand sometimes the sense that his work was laid by the author. But this is my problem”.

The exhibition is open until the end of January.

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