Street clothes and shoes carry a risk of miscarriage, epilepsy and death

Уличная одежда и обувь несут риск выкидыша, эпилепсии и смерти

Scientists Rayhan Khan and mark strand wrote a book about the road dust and its impact on human health.

In their paper, the researchers described the disease, which can arise if people are going to walk around the house in street clothes and shoes.

The researchers argue that home it is necessary to change clothes as street clothes is a lot of germs.

On the Shoe, in which a man walks down the street, can be dangerous bacteria that causes listeriosis. Listeria lead to miscarriages, meningitis and other negative consequences.

Street clothes and shoes are not only the risk of miscarriage. Also the clothes that a person wears on the street, can lead to epilepsy and even death.

Germs that are on street shoes can cause encephalitis and loss of consciousness, nausea and drowsiness.