“Strength and honor” on the verge of collapse: in the game there is a rebellion against Smeshko, media

"Сила и честь" на грани развала: в партии назрел бунт против Смешко, - СМИ

Pulling away from the party, Smeshko allegedly moved to the “midst a Facebook-TV and cell-armchair style of communication”.

Members of the party “Strength and honor” to rebel against the party leader Igor Smeshko, accusing him of selling places on the party list. This is stated in the material of the Internet-editions “the Country. sa”.

According to the newspaper, the party “Strength and honor” faced with the internal contradictions that developed into the non-public conflict. His essence is reflected in the enclosed statement of the head control-audit Commission of party Nicholas Appliances, Deputy attorney General and Deputy head of the SBU during the presidency of Leonid Kuchma, which has a “Country”.

“Strongly urge the political Council to draw attention to the fact that as a result of such actions in the center of the party already, there is a real threat of disintegration of the regional organizations, the emergence of confrontation between the Centre and regional party organizations and the development of conflicts between the managers of the party. The norm for him (laugh – ed.) becomes the neglect of inner-party democracy, intolerance to a different opinion and public manifestation of unhealthy pride when confronted with any criticism. Party members concerned about the appearance of the leader of the narcissism and Messianic than are random in the game, people,” – said Use.

Pulling away from the party, Smeshko allegedly moved to the “midst a Facebook-TV and cell-armchair style of communication”.

“For me it is obvious the intention Smeshko is alleged Charter party collective leadership to implement the party’s relations sample of “Master – serf”. I’m against the degeneration of the party on the basis of borrowed from stagnant comparting the past half a century ago the principles of “universal approval” and “what would you like,” writes Nikolai Use.

For these reasons he stated about the resignation of the party’s Comptroller and the termination of membership in party “Strength and Honor”. According to the state register of political parties, Use no longer appears in the political Council of “Strength and honor”. Another source in the party also explained the demarche of Everyday life situation with party lists and the overall impact on decision making.

“Old comrades Smeshko hoped that they will be at a decent ground. But in the end potentially checkpoint part of the list was filled with people who, with rare exceptions, earlier to the party of no had nothing. According to persistent rumors, they just bought the place. Of course, longtime companions did not like”, – said the source.