Strength training has a positive impact on life expectancy – 24 Channel

Силові тренування позитивно впливають на тривалість життя - 24 Канал

American scientists from the University of Michigan found a relationship between muscle force and lifespan. It turns out weight training lead to longevity.

People with weak muscles a greater risk of premature death by 50% compared to those who regularly strengthens the body using strength training, reports Maxim.

To strengthen muscle strength throughout life, particularly in adulthood, are extremely important for longevity and healthy aging
– the experts.

Interestingly, the strength of the handshake is one of the major indicators of health – if hand muscles are weak, it’s likely that other muscles, including the heart, is also extremely weak.


Scientists during the study analyzed muscle strength, including the strength of the handshake more than 8 thousand men and women aged 60 years. It turned out that 46% people with weak muscles.

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