Stress triggers wrinkles: Specialist described the reasons for the rapid aging of the skin

Стресс провоцирует морщины: Специалист назвал причины быстрого старения кожи

The aging process can be slowed by following a few simple rules.

Women always want to look younger and more attractive. In the modern world from the person’s actions greatly affected the environment, in such a situation it is difficult to stay beautiful and have perfect skin. But this can be dealt with. Specialist called the main causes of skin aging.

The founder of the school of feistiness Olga Malakhova shared information on how to slow down aging and get rid of wrinkles.

On the state of the skin surface strongly influenced by the stress, it can cause internal inflammation, which then cause wrinkles. Cause of stress can be many factors: lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and deficiency of water in the body.

To maintain normal skin Olga Malakhova recommends that you monitor their sleep. Need to sleep in a completely darkened room with no extra light sources and noise, it will help to increase the phases of deep sleep. Need to sleep at least seven hours a night, as oversleeping can also have a negative impact on the skin tone, it is necessary to limit sleep 9 hours.

Nutrition is the most important component of a healthy body. Man eating fast food is difficult to keep the skin in good condition, it is necessary to use various cosmetics that only provokes the body and worsens the situation. There are lots of tips on nutrition, everyone can choose a suitable one according to taste and budget, diet.

Sports, as well as proper nutrition should be an integral part of modern life. Physical activity helps the development of melatonin and growth hormones. If it is not possible to visit the gym, you should move more throughout the day, doing exercises and going for walks.