Stroke: causes and risk factors

Инсульт: причины и факторы риска

Doctors told about the factors that can increase the risk of stroke. According to experts, in most cases, apoplexy of the brain can be prevented, according to

A stroke is an acute blood supply disturbance of the brain characterized by sudden onset of focal cerebral or neurological symptoms. It can cause minor problems such as temporary weakness of the legs, and irreversible consequences even death.

According to the doctor of medical Sciences of Shazam Hussain, high blood pressure is the most significant preventable risk factor for stroke. Cholesterol in the arteries can block normal blood flow to the main organ of the Central nervous system that is directly connected with a healthy diet and physical activity.

The rhythm of the heart, plays a role in the overall picture. In this case it is important to control the condition, diet. Diabetes comes with an increased risk of related health complications, including heart disease, kidney damage, the chances of apoplexy of the brain increase in 1.5 times. Need to monitor the level of blood sugar.

Alcohol and carbonated beverages, including diet, exacerbate the situation, aided and Smoking. Among the risk factors: overweight, hormone replacement therapy, stress, birth control pills, migraine. Risks that you cannot control: age, childbirth, genetic predisposition. If a family member had a stroke, people are at increased risk.