Strongman Zbyshko: 110 years ago the world champion defeated his rivals at the circus

Силач Збишко: 110 років тому чемпіон світу здолав усіх своїх суперників на арені цирку

In August 1908, one of the largest entertainment of the summer season for residents and guests of the city became an international wrestling tournament, which was held under a canvas tent circus tent of the Hungarian entrepreneur Lepota. The decoration of this competition was the presentation of the famous athlete Stanislav Ciganovich on the nickname Zbyshko, the newspaper “Express”.

In the autumn of the previous year this Galician wrestler at the tournament in Paris defeated the famous wrestler Ivan Poddubny, who was then considered the most powerful man in the world. So the arrival of Zbyshko-Ciganovich to the city caused a furor.

At the event attended by athletes from Turkey, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Prussia, Russia and the United States.

And the greatest delight of the audience called Dutch van der dyke named Porthos (his height was 2 meters 17 centimeters), the colored American of zip and a younger brother Zbyshko-Ciganovich — Vladislav. And then the press paid attention to the Prussian champion Schneider, who very rudely behaved in the arena. “Struggling against all the rules and regulations, foaming with anger, when he wins, spits in the direction of the public…” — described the ugliness of Prusak Cracow weekly “Illustrated news”.

At stake in these competitions was 15 million kroner (huge at the time, the amount that the officer or magistrate could make in 10 years): 10 thousand must pay the administration of the circus, another 5 thousand Zbyshko-Cyganiewicz in the event of his defeat. However, to overcome the champion, no one has.

After the victory over the German fighter Abs is an ideal audience with such fervor rushed to greet Ciganovich that I had to call the police.

The path to the big circus for Stanislav Ciganovich began in Stanislav, where he studied in the gymnasium and attended a local center of sports and Patriotic society “Falcon”. It was here that the young man took his nickname Zbyshko in honor of the hero of the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz “Crusaders” Zbyshko of Bogdanets, which was very brave: not afraid to walk with your bare hands for bear and easily pulled the crossbow.

During his sports career three-time world champion in wrestling classic style Stanislav Cyganiewicz held 1093 winning fights. To surpass this achievement still has not managed any of the wrestlers. In 1923 he emigrated to the United States.

In 54 years Zbyshko-Cyganiewicz became a sports promoter for other fighters in the U.S., and later bought a farm, where he wrote a memoir, “On rings around the world”.

In 1967, the 88-year-old Stanislav Cyganiewicz died, losing his last fight against heart disease.


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