Strugatsky predicted 10 IT

Стругацкие предсказали 10 достижений IT

Boris Strugatsky in one of his interviews OFF-LINE interview with Boris Strugatsky on the Internet said, “Fiction is a terrible predictors of the prophets. Yes they are required. They do not sow, they at best loosen the soil for planting”. But if we put aside false modesty, after all, brothers-fiction in his books listed a lot of things and phenomena, which appeared much later.

1. Skype

In the book “beetle in the anthill”, written in 1979, is referred to the Videophone. It is used to transmit not only sound but also images. Than not Skype?

In the midst of this debate, at 19:33, Zakarluka Videophone. Andrew, who was sitting closest to the camera, pointed a finger at key. The screen lit up, but the image on it was not. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “beetle in the anthill”

Details machine is not described, though it is the screen and keys. It can be put on the table or to keep on your lap, but it’s still massive enough to bash someone on the head – at least, during the awkward conversation with Maya Glumova Maxim Kammerer would not be surprised for such a term. Apparently, Strugatsky still represented mobile communication devices is quite cumbersome.

2. Wikipedia

Strugatskie came up with something like the current “Wikipedia” is a Large Planetary Informatory. It contains a huge variety of information and serves as not only an encyclopedia but also a telephone directory, and address book.

I decided to start with Secna. MeCN, of course, not human or even humanoid, and so it took all my experience and all my you say is not showing off, skill in handling media channels to get the information that I received. I note parenthetically that the vast majority of my odnoplementsiv no idea about the real capabilities of this eighth (or ninth now?) wonder of the world – a Large Planetary Informatory. Fully admit, however, that I, with all my experience and all its skill, is not entitled to a perfect ability to use his vast memory. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “beetle in the anthill”

Planetary Informatorium anybody could use, but there are closed sections “only for experts” with different tolerance levels. In the book “beetle in the anthill” is mentioned, what personal data people are added to the database only with their consent.

3. Online purchase

“Line of Delivery” mentioned in different works of the Strugatsky brothers is the store of the future, to do and to get the orders in which you can from home. Very reminiscent of modern online shopping. Apparently, mostly to “Line of Delivery” order food. Just like we now buy a pizza via mobile app.

– Arrange everything, ‘ said Sheila. – Just what is the point? Who eats at home?

– I eat at home.

– Well, Genia, ‘ said Sheila, – you want that move to the city? There is Line Delivery, and can dine at home as much as necessary.

I don’t want to the city, stubbornly said Jack. I want in natural.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Noon, XXII century”

4. Neural networks

Self-learning artificial intelligence is already very real thing. Let modern neural networks are still not self-aware, dreamed of most science fiction writers, but they can learn.

At Strugatsky in the story “Spontaneous reflex” describes a self-learning robot URM, out of control. He was driven by boredom and curiosity, began to explore the world and simultaneously causes significant material damage of the lab that was created.

Urma behavior is determined by its “brain”, an extraordinarily complex and delicate machine of a germanium-platinum foam and ferrite. If a conventional digital machine tens of thousands of triggers – the elementary bodies, receiving, storing and radiating the signals in the “brain” urma involved for about eighteen million logic cells. They are programmed reactions to numerous provisions on various variants of change of circumstances, envisaged the implementation of a huge number of diverse operations. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Spontaneous reflex”

5. Machines with the autopilot

A car that does not need a driver, is quite a popular idea in science fiction. For example, they were present in the works of ray Bradbury and David Keller. The strugatskys Autonomous cars mentioned in the “Predatory things of the century”.

I watched as he went to his long car, collapsed on the seat, poked at the remote control, the driver, leaned back in and seems to have dozed off. The car gently rolled across the square and, gathering speed, disappeared in the shadows and the greenery of the side streets. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Predatory things century”

Modern cars have remote controls instead of touch screens. But to sleep during the ride while it is not: drivers are prohibited to remove his hands from the steering wheel.

6. Bluetooth headset

In “Predatory things of the century” referred to miniature wireless headset that is attached to the ear and receives radio signals. Strugatsky called her an earring receiver.

To me slowly approached, wiping his lips with a handkerchief, dark, stout man in white, a round white cap askew. The hood was transparent with a green visor and a green ribbon on which was written: “Welcome”. On the right ear lobe he had a shiny earring receiver. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Predatory things century”

Interestingly, Bradbury described a similar contraption – the radio-the seashells – even earlier, in the novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, 1953.

7. A modification of the body

People are dissatisfied with their body and want to change it by artificial means, has always existed. With modern advances in surgery for them, has opened limitless possibilities – ranging from simple lip augmentation and chest and ending with the implementation of chips and implants that drastically change the appearance.

Strugatsky foresaw something like this. They have a modification of the body indulged in the Arctic, people praising an “artificial lifestyle” to breathe smoke, eat artificial food, and to transform themselves to be as different from ordinary mortals.

Something hissed in my ear. I turned my head and involuntarily stepped back. Next to me, staring blankly into the pedestal, stood a long thin man, from feet to neck covered in some kind of grey scales, with a bulky cubical helmet on her head. The man’s face was covered with the glass plate with holes. From holes in the beat of breathing escaped wisps of smoke. Haggard face behind a glass plate was covered then, and often ekalo cheeks. At first I took him for a Stranger, then thought it was a visitor, which prescribed a special procedure, and only then guessed that this Artik. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Predatory things century”

8. Cloning food

Space travelers in the works of the Strugatsky brothers had to eat not the most tasty synthetic food. Some admirers of the brothers, seeing in it the prototype of the modern GMOs. This, of course, wrong: GMO foods are no different in taste and quality from the rest.

More in common with synthetic food Strugatsky has kultivirovanija meat. In 2013, mark Post, a pharmacologist from the University of Maastricht has demonstrated the first hamburger with artificial meat grown in a test tube. Company Mosa Meat co-founder of which is Post intends to 2021 to bring cultured meat to the market.

He tried to think about the giant herds of beef cows, which are now distilled into the depths of the continent; about how much will have to work on the restoration of Greenfield, when the scattered Wave; and how frustrating after two years of plenty coming back to centipede, the artificial steak to the pear with the taste of toothpaste, to chlorellaman “soups rural”, for lamb cutlets quailities and other wonders of the synthesis, if they are wrong… Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “a Distant rainbow”

9. 4D-cinema

Modern 4D is the same three-dimensional movie, but with some additional effects: vibration seats, wind, spray, smoke, odors. All this should contribute to a deeper immersion of the spectator in the atmosphere of the film. Something similar was discussed by the characters in the story Strugatsky “What you will” from the series “the World of Noon.”

– Well, still, – said Slavin. Mass spectacle and mass ostalima. Take it seriously!

Gorbovsky chuckled.

“Exactly,” he said. – Obamalama. But will, Mr. Markovic! Certainly I will someday!

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Noon, XXII century”

Malyshev said thoughtfully:

– It would be great to develop methods for film transfer tactile sensations. Imagine Barca, on the screen someone someone kisses you and you feel a blow to the face…

“You know,” said Panin. I have been so once. Without any movie.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Noon, XXII century”

10. Virtual worlds

Laid in the novel “Prey things century” is a device that uses electromagnetic radiation to immerse people in a virtual world of infinite happiness and contentment. It is included in the radio instead of the local oscillator. Before activating the slug needs to go into the bathroom and take a pill.

Illusory existence… No, this is not a drug, where there is drugs… This is exactly what it should be. Here. Now. Each time your. Poppy seeds and hemp, the Kingdom of sweet vague shadows and peace for the poor, for the starved, for slaughtered… And here nobody needs to rest, it’s not oppress, and no one dies of hunger, it is simply boring. Hearty, warm, drunk and bored. The world is not that bad, the world is boring. […] Came down coming into the world, and this world will not be willing to surrender a bit. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Predatory things century”

To create images in the brain using radio waves of modern VR device not yet know how. But just to visit virtual worlds and experience them in incredible adventures, you can now.