Stud: After the Olympics, we got all the policy was good for us to get votes

Гвоздик: После Олимпиады мы получили все, политики были добры к нам, чтобы получить голоса

Bronze medalist of the Olympic games in London in 2012, Alexander Carnations remembered how he and teammates met in Ukraine after a successful performance at the Olympics.

Stud said that the policy “covered” boxers gifts, since October 2012, Ukraine held parliamentary elections.

“Many people greeted us, there was music and flowers. All the politicians wanted to meet with us because we were lucky. At that time in Ukraine was the elections (parliamentary and – Спорт24), immediately after the Olympic games. And to all the Olympians for our entire team who had come all the politicians tried to be nice to us to get more votes for themselves. They gave us gifts. I think you (Спорт24) as well. As in Ukraine and Russia and other former Soviet countries,” concluded the world champion under version WBC.

“When you show good results for his country at the Olympic games, world Championships, usually the government allocates you a place to stay. Some apartment, or house. And, of course, at this stage, before the elections, they understood that they must do their work to get more votes. So we got everything, even more. Everything possible and impossible. Of course, after the Olympics, we gave a lot of interviews and people began to recognize us on the street,” said Alexander.

At the Olympic games in London Ukrainian team won five medals. Gold received Oleksandr Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko, a silver – Denys Berinchyk. Carnations doubtful lost in the semifinals and settled for bronze. Also a bronze award in the asset Taras Shelestyuk.

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