Stud said, if the Tendril be a serious competitor to the heavyweights

Гвоздик рассказал, сможет ли Усик составить серьезную конкуренцию супертяжеловесам

Гвоздик рассказал, сможет ли Усик составить серьезную конкуренцию супертяжеловесам

Ex-world champion in a light heavyweight Ukrainian boxer Alexander Gvozdik has shared his thoughts on the future of Alexander Usik. He believes that the Ukrainians will be difficult to compete with such great boxers in this weight category.

With each subsequent year more and more difficult to move from lower weight classes to heavyweight and make it a serious competition, according to Boxingscene.

The Opinion Of Carnation

Notes of carnations, if you look at boxers 60-70 years, the heavyweights was much less than now.

According to him, the Mustache will be difficult to compete with these big guys. When he will fight a great boxer who has skills with his last opponent, Witherspoon, that is one thing.

When against him will be Olympic champion, which is much higher than Joshua, and which has a much larger arm span, this will be a really tough test for Alexander,
– said Stud.

Stud knows that the Mustache is really a good skill, so he can certainly compete with these guys. The upcoming fight with Cioroi, will be difficult, the Brit knows how to fight. He won’t give up. But Carnations believes that Alexander will be able to win.

Career Alexander Usik

  • Ukrainian boxer began his professional Boxing career in the first heavy weight. There Alexander held 16 fights and all won.
  • Under this weight the Ukrainian became the absolute champion, winning all the titles.
  • After that, the Tendril abandoned the title and moved to the heavyweight division. 12 Oct Mustache debuted in hawaiite, beating Cassa Witherspoon.
  • Cirrus is committed to become a champion in hawaiite to match with David Haye and Evander Holyfield.

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