Students in several cities of Ukraine, together with the Zaporozhye, has made changes in medical reform

Студенты нескольких городов Украины, совместно с запорожскими, добились изменений в медицинской реформе

The meeting was attended by the initiative group of the Zaporozhye medical students.

December 22, in Kiev held a meeting of students from several medical universities of Ukraine and Minister of health Zoriana Skalecki, during which students were able to make changes in the new medical reform.

We have previously reported that, under the new medical reform 2020 is in force an order according to which the graduates of medical universities will undergo internship under the new rules. Early students of public sector employees held an internship in the distribution, and contractors, choosing a place independently. Now it is proposed to introduce the distribution of e-registry in the Unified state qualifying exam for students all forms of training.

According to the reform reduced the number of majors from 34 to 13. The student will have to unlearn 3 years internship, and then a few years (depending on specialization on rezidentura).

Because of this, in November 2019, Zaporizhzhya, students came to the rally pot wall yeah, to be heard and made adjustments to the new reform. Their main demand was to delay the introduction of the draft order of MOH “On approval of the regulation about internship”.

As a result, students from several cities of Ukraine, in particular and Zaporizhia, and managed to get a meeting with the Minister of health in Kiev. It took place on November 30. And already at the second meeting, December 22, in the position of internship were a number of changes demanded by medical students.

As has told “News” the organizer of Zaporizhzhya initiative group Stanislav Ponomarenko, a conversation with the Minister of health Skalecki Soranou activists and heads of OSS was long, but managed to achieve such a result:

  • “1. 6 rate in 2020 is supplied by the old rules. This means that electronic distribution will not reduce majors from 34 to 16 will not be residency – will not. Guarantee the leaves will be.
  • On all that relates to all courses:
  • 2. Will be instructed by the Ministry to revise the base of the CRIC and to exclude foreign tests, which were present in past years.
  • 3. Will be spelled out the names of all those people who make up the database tests.
  • 4. Return the booklet with the answers for 2019 free.
  • 5. Will a refined process of appeal.
  • 6. Next week will be the schedule of delivery of the CRIC and the state exams.
  • 7. Will describe the mechanisms of creation of University clinics.
  • 8. Testing will not.

The negotiations are still going on, everyone fighting spirit!”, – said Stanislav.