Students want to ban smartphones in the classroom

Школьникам хотят запретить смартфоны на уроках

In the Verkhovna Rada a burst of activity. Was recently registered a bill prohibiting students the use of gadgets in class.

The bill was registered by the MP Goncharenko, people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” convinced that such a ban would allow children not to be distracted from the study, and will also help to establish communication with their peers and to reduce frequent cases of Internet bullying.

The bill was registered under No. 2792 and provides for amendments to legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the prohibition on the use of gadgets connected to Internet with the goal of maximum education of other students.

Unfortunately, the text of the bill is not yet posted on the website of the Parliament, but on his page in the social network Facebook Goncharenko wrote the gist of the document. According to him, smartphones not only provide free access to information that is useful in learning, but bring harm. After all, along with the information the students have access to games and social networks, and this already acts as a hindrance in the learning process.