Studies have shown the danger of death by wrong sleep – 24 Channel

Дослідження показали смертельну небезпеку неправильного сну - 24 Канал

Adults who sleep more than 6-8 hours a night have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

About it reports CNN with reference to a global study published in The European Heart Journal.

Analyzing data from 21 countries, the research team headed by Chinese scientists Joins WAN found that people aged 35 to 70 years who sleep more than the recommended upper boundary of 8 hours, increasing the risk of stroke, heart failure and even death.


Among those who sleep more than 10 hours, this increases to 41%, the researchers said. Risks increases and dreamer by day, experts say, but it is not for those, night sleep less than 6 hours, because such people “day dream as if it compensates for lack of sleep at night and mitigates the risks”.

Дослідження показали смертельну небезпеку неправильного сну - 24 Канал
An adult should not sleep for more than 8 hours

Previous studies on this topic were conducted mainly in North America, Europe and Japan. A new study gives a global picture.

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