Studio Epic Games has closed one of the most successful projects – Techno 24

Студія Epic Games закрила один з найуспішніших проектів - Техно 24

The management of the company Epic Games admitted that the shooter Unreal Tournament is not a priority of the Studio. The attention of the Corporation has long been chained to the game Fortnite, which brings considerable income.

It is reported by PCGamer.

The decision of Epic Games for a long time lay on the surface. The last part of the series is clearly in no hurry to leave the status of “pre-alpha” for a long time have not received any updates. Fighter just sacrificed for Fortnite.

In September at the UT forum there was a message that all the forces thrown into the battle Royale and the unfinished shooter while is paused. Now the Corporation has publicly announced its plans: Unreal Tournament will remain available for download, but its active development stopped.

The trailer for the game Unreal Tournament – watch the video


Fortnite, however, is not the only concern for Epic. Recently the firm announced the intention to open your own shop games. Playground promises to be incredibly loyal to foreign companies: they will get 88% of the revenue from their releases.

Gamers planning to please payments for content creation and the lack of mandatory DRM: developers will be able to decide how to protect your creation. Full list of games that runs the service, is still unknown.

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