Study: 60% of European players are unlikely to buy the console without a disc drive

Исследование: 60 % европейских игроков вряд ли купят консоль без дисковода

“Digit” “digit”, and most of the players are not yet ready to abandon physical media – at least in Europe. 60 % of European gamers surveyed in a recent study, stated that they most likely will not buy a console that does not play discs.

The study was conducted by the European Federation of interactive software (ISFE) and market research Ipsos MORI. The surveys cover five EU countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The average device without a floppy drive, would have acquired only 11 % of respondents.

However, players are more likely to buy big games digitally. In June it became known that during the first quarter of this year, consumers in some European countries more than 50% of the time preferred AAA releases in the “figure”.

Whatever it was, Sony and Microsoft were not mistaken, having decided to leave in place the drive in the consoles of the future generation, – the people’s commitment physical editions of games is still strong.