“Stupid hick”: the savings Bank has forced the client to feel humiliated by the Commission

«Тупой лох»: Сбербанк заставил клиента почувствовать себя униженным комиссией

Sberbank continues to earn the Russians, including his Commission in all possible operations. The Bank does not always notify their clients about these pitfalls. The result that ordinary Russians are losing money, feeling cheated and humiliated.

Such a stone he came across one of the Network users. According to the man, he withdrew money from an ATM of the Post Bank card of Sberbank. During the transaction the ATM not only cashed money, but collected a fee per transaction to the third-party Bank. In two steps the man paid the top 200 rubles. About the problem he wrote on Twitter, where he addressed the representatives of the credit organizations.

The first message was addressed to Mail to the Bank. The user asked the Bank representative, exactly who took a Commission for cashing money. However, he clarified that the Commission removed without notice.

“That is not you took 100% Commission, without notice, and I’m making this up, and it’s slander?”, – wrote in the microblog addressing the representatives of the Bank.

The representative of the Bank with the official account said that Post Bank does not charge a fee for withdrawing money. And this practice engaged by the Bank user.

“The ATM your information on it also, the money given you, the Commission has removed your machine and blame Bob?”, – posted by a disgruntled user. After that he went to the savings Bank.

“Sberbank, comment please, why you without notice 100% charge for cash withdrawal, there is a staff of another Bank naturally explained that I was a stupid sucker, and now they are online trying to prove it,” wrote a man.

What the user responded that the Commission for cash withdrawals at third-party ATM is 1% of amount, minimum Commission amount is 100 RUB.

At the end of the conversation, the user said that the ATM was 100 metres, but why there was no notification of cash withdrawal and this was not reflected on the receipt.

Note that this is not the first situation when people suffer from actions of the savings Bank. Earlier, a similar situation was faced by the pensioner.

«Тупой лох»: Сбербанк заставил клиента почувствовать себя униженным комиссией

«Тупой лох»: Сбербанк заставил клиента почувствовать себя униженным комиссией