Su-30MKI lost the “battle” for India?

Су-30МКИ проиграли «битву» за Индию?

India refuses further production of the Russian fighter.

August 17, the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics announced the termination in March of 2020 production in the Russian fourth generation fighters su-30MKI.

In December 2004, Russia and India have established an Assembly of fighters hands Indian designers. The initial choice of the Ministry of defence of India as a major component of the Indian military-industrial complex was aimed at the su-27, which has successfully exploited the country’s air force in the mid-90’s, But the Russian development of a new at that time, fighter 4th generation su-30 seemed much more interesting as a result, the choice was made in favor of the latter. India enthusiastically began to carry out their own development on the basis of the base plane. So a console MKI – multirole, commercial, Indian.

The new version of the fighter was electronic equipment that is compatible with French and Israeli counterparts. A number of alterations have affected the flight characteristics of the aircraft and display system “friend or foe”. All this raised the price of su-30MKI to 70 million dollars. The Indians are constantly trying to fit the fighter under the most modern Western design used in aircraft. While Russian designers focused on cheaper products, while maintaining current requirements for the device. So is there a difference in the value of the Russian and Indian “drying” almost twice. Here India and decided it would be cheaper to buy directly in Russia itself.

But many experts argue that the main reason for ending production was the fact that Western manufacturers have put the heat on the Indian government and reoriented on purchase of latest French and American aircraft. And the first step as evidence of the new policy, India was the rejection of his own su-30MKI.