Subaru BRZ removed from production. Toyota GT86 ready?

Subaru BRZ снимают с производства. «Тойоте» GT86 приготовиться?

Both the sports car will survive a generational change, and pretty soon.

About the imminent cessation of the production Subaru BRZ we knew already this spring, and now came the official confirmation: Japanese office brands has announced via its website that orders for the model are no longer accepted – only available cars from dealer stocks. Platform as the Toyota GT86 release in the same factory in Gunma Prefecture, she is clearly too long.

Seeing the eight year old compartment on a holiday have been going on for some time: in Europe in March introduced the special version of Subaru BRZ with a “speaking” name, the Final Edition. In this case a relatively affordable rear wheel drive sports car is not forever: last fall, two of the Japanese brand once again confirmed the joint work on the second generation of this Duo.

Formally the project for five years, but lately the plans have been revised, besides their practical implementation has slowed the pandemic COVID-19. As a consequence, we still know very little about what will be the next Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.

One of the most popular versions of both the coupe will be transferred to the platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and will supply 2.4-liter Subaru turbo engine instead of the current two-litre atmosfernika. In this case, “Toyota” can still be renamed to GR 86 to the new name looked nice in company with the Supra GR, GR Yaris and other upcoming new products from the division Gazoo Racing.

The debut of the new coupe is planned for next year.