Subaru modernised version of the Crosstrek

Subaru готовится к модернизации версии Crosstrek

Mark showed in the teaser a brand new SUV and at the request of the representatives of the brand we are talking about a more powerful car. About the next generation of Crosstrek information not so much from official sources. Earlier, the press service of the brand stated: “Crosstrek will experience a radical change of style.”

In fact, experts have tipped overhauled models, expecting the expansion of the technical characteristics of the car. The Japanese will definitely work on handling, since the actual modification times there with similar problems. Come on, you can still rework the teaser in networks where the model appeared in a new cover.

Update Crosstrek will cause a change of the engine compartment. This will give a reserve of energy and will give a dynamic ride. Presumably the engine compartment is a 2.5 with a supercharger. The engine is already occupied podkapotka Forester, giving 182 l/s. Torque in this case was 239 l/s. Current modifications Crosstrek is equipped with a 2.0-liter chetyrehochkovym 152 l/s. Torque the installation is limited to 197 Nm.

On Board the owner of a new Crosstrek with a rich set of new features to enhance active safety. Among the updates is definitely worth the wait improved EyeSight system. Full drive apparently will remain in place, and protective plastic kit. The additional options dealer will offer an additional roof, if the owner is considering a Subaru Crosstrek for longer trips.