Subglacial lake in Antarctica found the remains of animalcules

В подледном озере Антарктиды найдены останки тихоходок

Scientists of the project SALSA (Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access) that work on subglacial lake Mercer in Antarctica announced that they have found the remains of animals and crustaceans. As reported by N+1, according to the researchers, tardigrades went into the lake with water from the river during the warmer period when the glaciers retreated.

Lake Mercer is located in the West of Antarctica, and is at a depth of 1,100 km under a glacier. According to researchers, the lake has an area of 160 square kilometers, does not freeze due to the high pressure of the ice, despite the negative temperature.

In late December, the researchers said that in the lake mud, which was collected with a device that measures the temperature of the water “unexpectedly” was found the remains of animals and shellfish, and tendrils of plants. The scientists found tardigrades and plants live on land. According to researchers, they fell into the lake with the water of the rivers of the Transantarctic mountains, 50 kilometers from the lake in the warmer period, when the glaciers retreated 10 or 120 thousand years ago. Exactly how and when it occurred will help to establish radiocarbon Dating and DNA sequencing found creatures.

As noted by one of the researchers of Slavic Telecheck, up to this time beneath Antarctic ice have not found anything like. Scientists find bacteria and other microorganisms, but not more advanced life.