Subnautica: Below Zero came out in early access – launch trailer attached

Subnautica: Below Zero вышла в раннем доступе - релизный трейлер прилагается

Today, the world saw the independent addition to underwater “vigilada” Subnautica. On the occasion of release Below Zero , the developers at Unknown Worlds Entertainment have spent the stream, during which he introduced the first trailer for the entertainment.

Recall that the game takes place on the planet 4546B – there had to survive in the original. Only this time we we’re under the layer of ice. The addition will continue the storyline of the first part. Among the innovations, greater number of voiced dialogue, and temperature control.

The developers emphasize that Below Zero is still in early access. That is, the abundance of different bugs, the lack of many features, unpredictable optimization and other problems is a normal phenomenon for the game in its current form. In order to make it better, the authors ask players to leave feedback.

Subnautica: Below Zero is available on Steam, Epic Games Store and shell store at a price of 435 roubles. Original Subnautica, which do not need to run the add, now you can get 30% discount – until the game is 325 roubles.