Subordinates Kernes bought a tree at an inflated ten times the price

Подчиненные Кернеса купили елки по завышенным в десять раз ценам

SKP “Kharkovzelenstroy” of Kharkiv city Council April 9, according to the results of the tender ordered OOO “Dutch rose” trees by 14.77 million.

This year will put 1483 wood, among which the most expensive are fir trees 5 spiny “Glauca” height of 8-9 m with five groups of the root system 248 thousand hryvnias. On the market you can find prickly spruce with a height of 8-9 m 28 tis hryvnia.

Will also buy 11 hornbeams ordinary “Fastigiata” cylinder shape with a height of 8 m with a trunk 25 cm thick and four units of the root system for 294 thousand hryvnia. In the market you can find the German English hornbeams “Fastigiata” height 8 m 76 tis hryvnia.

Five woven hornbeam arches with a height of 2.5-3 m by 85 thousand hryvnias. On the market you can find German hornbeam English “Arch” with a height of 3 m for 39 tis hryvnia.

The warranty period is one year. However, the provider assumes no duty to client regarding the results proved inadequate conditions of care, such as planting trees in violation of the DSTU are not provided watering in dry weather, or fertilization.

The transaction price is 4% below the expected cost of the procurement 15.37 million.

The only competitor was the capital of the LLC “plant Service” (garden centre “Eva”) Director-Olesya klushnik, on the site where the most expensive hornbeams “Fastigiata” height 8 m stand for 173 thousand hryvnia, and no one has lowered the price during the auction.

Pervasively “Dutch roses” was the ex-Deputy of the Kremenchug city Council from Party of regions Igor Kushnir and former first Deputy mayor of Kremenchuk, Andriy Pogrebnoy. The latter now manages the firm, and the founder is his mother’s Love..

Igor Kushnir in 2010-2012 he worked as Deputy Minister of defense, and in 2012 was appointed President of CJSC “holding company “Kyivmiskbud”.