Success is impossible without failure, – Jamal shook Frank recognition

Успех невозможен без неудач, – Джамала потрясла откровенным признанием

Popular Ukrainian singer shared with fans a story that happened to her recently, and talked about his opinion on the success and experiences.

On his page in Instagram Jamal remembered how she once wrote in message 14-year-old boy. The teenager admitted that he did not inspire, but he wants to achieve the same success as a singer.

“I get chills from the scene, would like to write songs, but I can’t do anything, because the environment confuses me. Can you advise?”– asked the star man.

Jamal said that she had also such situations occur. According to her, despite the age and status of each person must pass a difficult path “through the belief and proof that you are in his place”. It is recommended to trust people, but “don’t let them destroy you the way to lower hands”.

Remember, purposeful movement. When it ends, ends and we are… I even think that in the middle of each of us built a pendulum. It not only indicates where to go, but also leads to those people who will always support and will find the right words to get you back on your way,
stressed celebrity.

The singer also said that success is impossible without failure and disappointment, betrayal and resentment is sure to happen.