Such tragedies happened in Krivoy Rog – Teens, walking on the unfinished building fell down. One girl died, the second in intensive care

Такие трагедии бывали и в Кривом Роге - подростки, гуляя на недострое сорвались вниз. Одна школьница погибла, вторая - в реанимации

On the evening of 16 June near Krivoy Rog in the Yellow Waters, the tragedy occurred, which caused the indignation of the citizens against the municipality

From the 9th floor of an unfinished building fell down two Schoolgirls. They fell on the floor of the 5th floor.

15-year-old girl died at the scene. 16-year-old is in a coma in the hospital, the doctors make no forecasts.

Residents of the Yellow Water resent the fact that this is not the first pobobnyh tragedy in this building, but it is not guarded and free access for all fans of this “entertainment.”