Suddenly and harshly: in the network appeared the testimony of one of the detained activists of “Netcorps”

Внезапно и жестко: в сети появились показания одного из задержанных активистов "Нацкорпуса"

Activists of the “Nazarus” security forces seized the Pereiaslav KP on the road to Kiev. Delayed severely, damaged the car, half an hour was forced to lie on the ground. And later 5 of the 7 detainees were released.

About Evgeny Sviridov, one of the suspects and subsequently released by the police the activists said in a video message, which was published by the “national body” on his page in Facebook.

He said that Dmitry Kukharchuk (head of the Cherkasy “Nazarus”) was invited to the broadcast of one of Ukrainian TV channels, that he described his vision of events in Cherkassy. Dmitry turned to the brothers with a request to go with him – for protection. On the way to Kiev, “the Pereiaslav KP” (according to Sviridov), their car was suddenly detained by militiamen. Most likely the CORD (the Case Quickly-a sudden action, the special purpose police).

We held half an hour on the ground. Then drove to Cherkassy. Claims to law enforcement is almost there. However, detained rigidly, disappeared the cash in your purse, ruined the car (broke the window) and some stuff. Not allowed to call your friends and family

– said Sviridov.

At the same time, allegations or suspicions did not show. The Protocol was made as the examination of witnesses. Then 5 people were let go, leaving behind bars Anton’s Brother and Dmitry Kukharchuk. “They probably will hand the suspicion, and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (11-12 March – 24 channel) will be tried. Ask not indifferent to the trial and support of Dmitry Kukharchuk”.

Watching video Evgeny Sviridov on the detention of activists “Nazarus”:

According to Sviridov, the representatives of “Netcorps” went to the scene in Cherkassy, which was made by the President Poroshenko to ask him a few questions. In particular, corruption in “Ukroboronprom”, or why is still not investigated the murder Sergienko and Gandzyuk. He assured that criminal intent he and his colleagues were not, and the jostling and fighting with the police occurred through no fault of activists “Nazarus”.

What is a “national body”?

Is a Ukrainian nationalist political party. It was created by merging the public movement “Honest business” and public organization “Patriot of Ukraine” in October 2016. The basis of the party activists of the NGO “Civil Case “Azov”, former soldiers of the Azov regiment, social activists and members of the Ukrainian ultras groups. The party leader is Andriy Biletsky.

What is known about conflict and law enforcement, “Nazarus” in Cherkassy?

March 9, 2019, the representatives of the “Nazarus” came to an action in Cherkasy. The nationalists wanted to get closer to the stage of the Palace of “Friendship of peoples”, where he performed with Poroshenko, but on the way to become law enforcement officers. It then clashed with the police, which injured 22 police officers.

The police said that members of the “Nazarus” provoke a fight with passers-by, applied to law enforcement gas irritant physical force, lit a fire and tried to block the motorcade of the President.

March 10, 2019, the police detained the 2 organizers of the clashes, “Nazarus” with law enforcement agencies in Cherkasy. Were charged with the organization of people for committing hooliganism and causing bodily harm to police officers who were guarding public order.

On the same day in the “Neckarperle” said about the “abduction” of seven of its activists. Their seems to be with force pulled out of the car, and their further fate is not known – but the police said only two detainees.

The plane, EN route to new York, got into the powerful zone of turbulence: videos 18+



Внезапно и жестко: в сети появились показания одного из задержанных активистов "Нацкорпуса"