Suddenly: called 11 things that excite men

Внезапно: названы 11 вещей, которые возбуждают мужчин

Sometimes you don’t have to look perfect to drive him crazy.

11 young and attractive guys told about what unexpected details and actions make them more likely.

Daily stretching

“Sometimes I notice my girl is stretched in front of the TV or in bed. In this moment she reminds me of a cat of a plastic, gentle and very seductive. I can’t help myself – I want it as the first time!”, – Igor, 39 years old.

“Have you ever seen a girl, on the skin where shiny droplets of sweat after the morning run? Hair stick to his forehead, cheeks blush and if you kiss her, on the lips is the salty taste. This sight drives me insane!”, – Vova, 35 years.


“I love it when girl on top during sex, because I can watch her Bouncing Breasts and swaying hips. My girlfriend’s complex about it, and I believe that the vibrations of her body – it’s divine!”, – Vadim, 28 years old.


“There is no scientific explanation for why guys like it when girls get angry. However, in an angry, brisk beauty, there is something primitive and exciting – a “hot” girl I’d like to conquer. And definitely in bed,” Mike, 24 years old.

Tousled hair

“I don’t understand why girls kill so much time and money on the perfect, artsy hairstyle. For example, I think that the sexy styling is slightly disheveled, hair tousled like you just got out of bed. This way leads to a different, indecent fantasies that excite!”, – Andriy, 27 years.


“The sexiest woman for me is the girl who plays sports, cleverly owns his body and can hold a conversation about football. To the point!” – Daniel, 24 years old.

Flannel, plaid shirt

“I love soft, cozy to the touch fabric, like these, of which sew warm plaid shirts. Once she stayed with me for the night, although not planned and in the morning she had to wear my old plaid shirt instead of a Bathrobe. I just couldn’t tear it from her hands, hugged and cuddled. But that doesn’t mean you need to dress in flannel from head to toe – it should be a little bit, otherwise the magic will disappear!”, – Kirill, 26 years old.

Baseball caps

“The girl in the baseball cap seems to me to be mischievous and cheerful. I do think that cap is the only headgear that adorns girls, and not Vice versa,” Victor, 24 years.

Men’s clothing

“If I could rule the world, he then ordered that all girls of the planet wore only tuxedos, and certainly on a naked body. My head is firmly imprinted the image of one actress, who appeared in this dress on the red carpet – and since then I dream to meet a girl who is the same brave men,” Anton, 29 years old.

A healthy appetite

“Where did you see that guy eating sexy? But girls this is how you can: remember the reaction of men when you eat a banana, a hot dog or a Popsicle!”, – Yaroslav, 33 years.

Musical instrument

“No matter what was played by a girl but the very fact of having in her hands a musical instrument makes her 10 times sexier”, – Gleb, 31.