Sumchanin after serving 6 years for attempting to convey drugs into jail

Сумчанин отсидит 6 лет за попытку передать в СИЗО наркотики

Sumy local Prosecutor’s office supported the public prosecution repeatedly convicted man who once committed a crime in the sphere of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs.

The investigation established and proven in court that in early January 2019 to the man asked his friend, which is contained in a Public institution “Sumy jail”, asking them to give him a drug “acetylated opium”. To avoid exposure, the friends agreed to hide the drugs in the jacket. For this person home made drug “acetylated opium” by soaking them with a gauze bandage, which is then covered in a substrate of the jacket. Then the man gave a jacket to relatives who were not knowledgeable about drugs, and tried to pass it in jail. However, the staff found a hiding place and seized the jacket. During a search of the residence of the man discovered dishes with residues of substances or ingredients for the manufacture of especially dangerous drug “acetylated opium”.

“In court the man admitted his guilt in full. The verdict of the court he was convicted under part 2 of article 307 and part 2 of article 309 (illegal production, storage, transportation of narcotic substances with a sales objective or without it) to 6 years of imprisonment without confiscation of property, ” – said the Prosecutor of the Sumy local Prosecutor’s office Sergey Litvinov.