Sumitomo has prepared a new brand Dunlop for minivans

Sumitomo приготовила новинку бренда Dunlop для минивэнов

Japanese Sumitomo Rubber Industries has announced the June launch of the new tyres Dunlop Enasave RV505 intended for equipping modern models of minivans. The novelty of combining high safety performance and ride comfort, is designed to provide increased stability of vehicles with a high center of gravity when cornering, and strong side wind, to improve basic performance and to reduce the level of road noise.

The use of innovative technologies has allowed to reduce the yaw tagaloglang of car tyre Dunlop Enasave RV505 19 percent compared to the use of tyres of the previous generation. In addition, the resistance of a new tyre Enasave RV505 to uneven wear in comparison with the predecessor RV504 increased again by 53 percent. Traffic noise has decreased by 31 percent, and noise in the cabin by 34 percent compared to predada model tires.

On the market for a new VAN-Dunlop Enasave RV505 will be available from 1 June of the current year in 48 sizes from 155/65 R13 73H to 245/40 R20 99W.