Summary of Call of Duty: Warzone per month – 50 million players

Итог Call of Duty: Warzone за месяц - 50 миллионов игроков

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to stay in the saddle. As reported by Activision, a month later the number of players in a battle Royale exceeded 50 million.

Chronicle audience growth:

  • one day – 6 million
  • three days – 15 million
  • 10 days – 30 million.

The news is not spared and analyst Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel), which for comparison has led indicators of main competitors Warzone. So, Apex Legends reached 50 million users faster a little over 28 days. But Fortnite it took more than 16 weeks.

Recall that the developers are trying to protect the fighter from the unfair players to the beginning of the month the banks fall more than 50 thousand cheaters. Moreover the Studio develops a system of catching violators.

In addition, Infinity Ward returned to the game mode for teams of three people – it is now available, along with modes for singles and four players. With the start of the third season of Modern Warfare “three”, replace “four” for gamers, this idea is not relished.