Summer on the “Gossip”: Vera Brezhnev, Elena Perminova, Anastasia Reshetova, Bar Refaeli and other stars of the sea

Sun and sea attract particularly strong in winter, when they are sorely lacking. So always be willing to spend January in a bathing suit. Many celebrities vacationing on the shores of warm seas and oceans in the early years, has returned to work after the holidays, but not all. Vera Brezhnev, Elena Perminova, Anastasia Reshetova, Bar Refaeli, Yolanda Hadid and others continue to do beach photos and share them on Instagram.

For a long time we followed the stay Elena Temnikova in the Maldives, but yesterday she announced to fans in the social network that her vacation came to an end. Finally the singer posted to Instagram a few memorable photos and videos.

My husband bought a drone. Our first flight. For memory.

she commented vivid images taken from the height of bird flight.

And Vera Brezhnev, Elena Perminova, and their friend Alexander Kirienko yet remain to winter in the Maldives. Their five-day vacation in the format of a girls only continues. The previous day they talked in social media about the trip to a desert island where white sand and palm trees. However, the traveler was unpleasantly surprised by the plastic debris washed ashore by the wave. Girls collected him, clearing a natural Paradise, and drew the attention of numerous followers on the issue of ocean pollution.