Summer vacation 2019 with Valeria Mikulski: Kherson mountains

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Херсонские горы

– Ecologically clean, rich of attractions and legends, one of the most warm in Ukraine, a resort area. About this region so much we can safely write! Kherson region is a mega-tourist. Spacious in size, as the whole state, for example, Israel, Macedonia, Slovenia, and there is all that soul desires of tourists… the Sea, Islands, steppe savanna, desert, and Yes, even their mountains, – says the leader and the Creator of the travel blog Tour De Ukraine Valeria Mikulski.

So, go to a small C. Stanislav, which is 40 kilometers from Kherson. No signs, no roads as such to the sacred place there. But if afraid, in these parts there is someone to bring you to the most spectacular panoramic points.

In fact, “Kherson” mountains is the coast of the Dnieper estuary, but very high, ragged, hilly. As if someone tore a piece of the steppe and showed it to him wave. I, like most of our tourists, I thought that Kherson region is arid, steppe, plains and there are mountains! Unusual, not rocky, and clay!

Kherson humps – a living picture of an ancient map of our South. This hilly coast in the second Millennium, when this land was inhabited by Sarmatians, Romans, Goths, and after the Greeks. Those are the times when the ancient world called the land of amazing Giley.

And if our Carpathian mountains, or any mountains of the world, tourists, climbers conquer and are looking for a top, then went down in Kherson. Do not pack your gear, it will not be necessary.

Fortunately, in these beautiful hills there are many gorges and they can be used safely down to the shore. Take the time to find a groove. And feet are intact and the mountains at the bottom are more like mountains. And at the foot you will find a wonderful beach.

Looking for shells in the sand, is anyone surprised by this? Here find a beach made of shells – our favorite. Funny feeling when feet get stuck in deposits of small white shells, and so many bracelets here, you can say.

Kherson mountains – beautiful name beautiful places. Of course, a trip here will not go, is that in romantic love. But isn’t that enough? The views are undeniably worth it to Wake up early and meet the sun or hold it over the horizon. At this time of day the views here look very impressive. And they say that wishes made in these landscapes are rapidly coming true. And make sure to visit there.

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Херсонские горы

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Херсонские горы

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Херсонские горы