Summer vacation 2019 with Valeria Mikulski: Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция

– Bessarabia, the extreme South of Ukraine! The road to this tourist area sometimes non-existent. But the tests are worth it. After all, on the border with Romania is waiting for you ancient, insular and protected the town of Vilkovo, – says the leader and the Creator of the travel blog Tour De Ukraine Valeria Mikulski.

Ukrainian Venice. Don’t like comparisons, but so often this place compare with the famous Italian resort that tourists forget his real name. Vilkovo. It also stands on the water, cut up by canals, and full of gondolas. And if you want to experience the real atmosphere of this southern area, is on arrival immediately go to the old areas. Rather swim there only to swim.

In Vylkove the least amount of cars compared to other cities and towns of the country. If you do not travel often, they’re just not needed. But every family must have a boat, a Wharf and a makeshift dock. As the city instead of roads, just think, 30 miles of canals.

By water here one can reach any corner of the city. Here on these boats transport goods, go to his garden, to market, to school, to the neighbouring Islands, here all and all carry on the boat.

And in Vylkove the strangest sidewalks. Instead of the usual asphalt – wooden sidewalks, and even the thin, often has to balance. Not to mention how to pass with oncoming passers-by.

Maybe I will disappoint you, but Vylkove it’s not exactly Venice, the Danube is more like Neil. And not surprising, because it is the most silted river in Europe. Each cubic metre of water – almost half a kilo of sludge. And it kept all the local houses. The land here, no one buys her wash. True, true. But such land can sink, so it has to constantly podmahivat. To survive in these places can only be a lot of work.

The principle of alluvium, it is easier not to think, but the result is impressive. The townspeople scoop up the silt from the river, gather in a neat pile and leave to dry. I tried. Harsh fitness, but everything is possible.

To see and even to live, in the local can swim to the island part of the city, several times I’ve been in Ankudinovka channel. Actually we can say that here Vilkovo began. Three hundred years ago, pan island began the indigenous people of Lipovans and we now have the opportunity to communicate with their descendants. Probable version of the origin of the word “Lipovans” from the close proximity with Romania. “PAVA” with the Romanian – bridge, and “Li” is translated as they. Then there are those who pave. And here actually feels the cult of the earth, hard work.

Lipovans live by the old Christian precepts, even of the Charter of Jerusalem. In fact, after the split of Orthodoxy in Russia to keep their articles of faith, they settled in the quiet backwaters of the Danube. And these places have created many rules of life. The main thing – never take too much, that really does not need to exist. They wash the Earth only as much as you can handle, not erecting huge houses. Fish – the second bread for the residents of the old Islands, it is also caught as much as you can eat and cherish the nature.

Speaking of nature, if you have already reached the lipovan land, reach in the most picturesque part of the Danube biosphere reserve, the island of the pelicans. It is on one of the KOs of the Delta. We moored parallel to the spit, so as not to frighten the birds. Here is a really nice guide. Here are the iron crosses. Surely you’ve seen him on many postcards, travel magazines. At this point, the Danube merges with the Black sea.

And it is this edge of Vilkovo – the main nesting area for pelicans: pink, black and white, they flock here from all over Europe.

Pelicans chose the Danube Delta, there were plenty of places protected from the wind and from ground-dwelling predators. These birds, though massive in appearance, but generally quite shy. Therefore, in order to observe them, suggest to behave as quiet.

To consider these birds we had at a distance and very long, but even if you’re not lucky, do not worry. Pelican island is not only the place where these beautiful birds, this is a wonderful silver beach, sea waves and a palpable sense of unity with nature. Plan a summer trip and certainly on the South.

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция

Летний отдых 2019 с Валерией Микульской: Вилково - украинская Венеция