“Sumy” deprived of the Charter of the club, four players disqualified for life

"Сумы" лишили устава профессионального клуба, четырех футболистов пожизненно дисквалифицировали

The control and disciplinary Committee of the football Federation of Ukraine officially stripped of the football club “Sumy” the status of professional. Four players, as well as some functionaries of the club, disqualified for life.

Football club “Sumy” excluded from structure of participants of PFL. He was denied the right to participate in current and future competitions. The club has lost the professional status, according to the website of the football Federation of Ukraine.

Four players – Egor Lugovoy, Oleg Davydov, Taras Duray and Sergey Gerashenko banned for life from performing any activities connected with football. Also barred for life from football activities to the President, the Sum Rostislav Kozaru and assistant coach Oleksandr Martyuk.

Another seven players were forbidden to engage in any activity related to football (administrative, sports, etc.) for a period of one year from the date of entry of the decision into force. We are talking about David Kochia, Artyom Shtanko, Iraklia the tsikoliya, Yaroslav Rafalskiy Vladislav Share, Dmitry Bogachev and Artyom Kozlov. As for the footballer Nicholas Vechurko, he was suspended from football for six months. Also they were forbidden to carry out any activity related to football for a period of three years probation.

The decision of the CDC FFU may be appealed to the Appellate Committee of FFU, not later than 10 days from the receipt of the text of the decision with the reasoning part. The decision comes into force on the expiry of the period for appeal, or in case of appeal, after a decision by the Appeal Committee of the FFU.