Super Mario Bros turned into a first person shooter

A series of games about a plumber Mario has been in many genres, but Nintendo has not yet released the official shooter. This error is already fixed modders and independent developers. One of them recently introduced a short level with gameplay almost identical to the original, only with a first person view.

An unusual variation of the Super Mario Bros. created the game and leveldesigner Sean Noonan, who is currently working on Gears Tactics, and was a former employee of Ubisoft Montreal.

The 1-1 Super Challenge is a mini-game on the Unreal Engine, the passage of which takes no more than ten minutes. The user only need to collect eight red coins and jump on the flagpole – all in the same way as in the classics, only with a different perspective.

Work on the level

If you believe the blog of Sean Noonan, development of the project took about six months. Author channel GmanLives did a little review on The Super Challenge 1-1. According to him, it is very easy control and good optimization. The Creator of the level is still planning to add several features like pause and secret locations, so to load the game as of yet.

However, you can watch a video that perfectly demonstrates all the features of an unusual design.

Overview 1-1 The Super Challenge:

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