“Super!”: Yakubovich as a confidant of Putin may be a secret “weapon” of the President

«Супер-игра!»: Якубович как доверенное лицо Путина может быть секретным «оружием» президента

“It’s not my career, I have made my career,” said Leonid Arkadievich. It is known that a year ago he in the 3rd time became a confidant of Putin. And exactly one year on the fresh wave of world events it becomes clear its role in this process…

A nationally-known and beloved broadcaster capital-show “Field of miracles” was again appointed a Trustee of the President. By the way, to Putin, he was in the same role under Yeltsin, that is, it is his 4th “period”. As said Yakubovich, he is the agent “by definition” and have made this decision.

We know that the President can have no more than 600 Trustees, their task is to campaign for a candidate or party. Just before the election in 2018 it was planned to recruit at least 500 people for this role. This function traditionally choose national favorite – celebrities and cultural figures.

It becomes quite clear the meaning of their activities, relying on fame and the love of the people trusted the President promotes himself to the coveted post. After the presidential elections, the activities of the Trustees will automatically end. But not in the case of Yakubovich.

It is known that he, like Mikhail Boyarsky, in the “top” of the Trustees of Putin. They are more likely to have fulfilled this role for President three times, in almost all its elected – in 2004, 2012 and 2018.

And if the “D’artagnan” boyar – dark horse, with Leonid Arkadievich increasingly clear. Its role in the public process more meaningful and probably goes beyond his electoral mandate.

Take his popular expression: “our Country is great, but with the state no luck. It stupid, stupid.”. It would seem, that the person with this attitude to state power, the apex of which 18 years is Putin, to help the government itself? Nestykovochka? No.

Obviously, in order to change something. Knowing the problem of “fools” in the Russian government Yakubovich, as a Russian patriot, wants to fix something and is willing to lay his hands on. It is also clear that Putin, as a reformer, he believes – otherwise, why support him three times in a row?

Even before the election in 2018, he said that Putin is cheering just for the fact that he agreed to be elected for the third time. As equivalent candidates just yet. For Vladimir Yakubovich same – a reliable support and support outside of the electoral race, since, first, it has enduring popularity and love of the people, being the longtime leading “Field of miracles” since 1991.

And secondly, has no clear moral values, which is evident from his popular quotes: “for the sake of morality is necessary at some time to sacrifice material.”. Thirdly, very specific and unchanging his political position, he realizes that the main task of the President in the current election period will bring the country to stability.

On the wave of critical drop of Putin’s rating by the end of 2018 – 36% (2006), the President may rely on the support and love of the Jakubowicz, as the faithful of one of the permanent Trustees.

Formally, Leonid Abramovich of their duties are exempt, and informal, being an ardent supporter of Putin – is unlikely. Moreover, it is known that in the election of 2018 specific tasks to trusted is not compromised, everyone decided how to campaign. Therefore, this approach suggests that they can do that after the election, having made a considerable impact in the minds of society.

Given the ratings of the Russian government, in the Wake of the folk boom of the pension reform, explosions in Magnitogorsk and the Kuril question, Mr Abramovich, as the shadow player and not occupying any posts in relation to the government, it can effectively work on improving these ratings.

«Супер-игра!»: Якубович как доверенное лицо Путина может быть секретным «оружием» президента

«Супер-игра!»: Якубович как доверенное лицо Путина может быть секретным «оружием» президента

«Супер-игра!»: Якубович как доверенное лицо Путина может быть секретным «оружием» президента