Supercross: Artem Nazarov – training in non-stop mode

Суперкросс: Артем Назаров - подготовка в режиме нон-стоп

This Sunday, 27 January in Krylatskoye, on the road RRG will be Moto Supercross. This year the competition received the status of the championship of Moscow.

RACING. RU, 24 Jan 2019 – In the race will be attended by famous Russian Crossman, one of them – the champion of Russia Artem Nazarov, an athlete Yakhnich Motorsport.

Racing. ru: Tom, how do you like night races and what are the expectations? Have you participated in past years at the Supercross in Krylatskoye?

Artem Nazarov: Participated many times and won. For Russia, this is a very unusual annual competition. By analogy with AMA Supercross in America, when races are held at the stadium, with artificial lighting, and the circle route in just fifteen minutes. Again this year determined to win.

Racing. ru: do You often train in Krylatskoye, what can you say about the difficulty, it’s the same as last year?

Artem Nazarov: Our. is based on this track, so we are on it very often! The track is interesting and it needs a lot of strength. At the beginning of this week, the configuration is not changed and do not seem to plan.

Racing. ru: How’s your offseason? Is there a clear understanding at the the summer season?

Artem Nazarov: plans for the season very interesting, but I’ll tell about them later. This is a huge goal that I’ve been going. From the nearest – preparing for the Supercross and motocross Chkalov. Are in the gym four times a week and try for three days a week to train on the bike. Training is non-stop.

Racing. ru: who are working on physical training?

Artem Nazarov: Engaged in Kluchi_ fit with Igor Kljuchnikova a special program he designed for me, based on the objectives in motocross, so I’m just not going there.

Racing. ru: How are things going in your brother school NazarovMXtraining?

Artem Nazarov In school more and more often come to our group Anarchy Racing is gaining momentum, we train four times a week and so we are going forward.

Racing. ru: some of the guys will be a participant in the upcoming race?

Artem Nazarov: Timofey Demikhov, Konstantin Gusev, Alexander Duryagin, Nikolay Gusev and maybe someone else.

Racing. ru: you have a preference on winter motocross spikes or without them?

Artem Nazarov: Winter motocross is very different from the summer, all about the same go and of course the spikes are very influenced by winter. I often raced without thorns, it’s more complex and interesting, all in equal conditions.

The schedule of the winter championship of Moscow on Supercross 2019

Суперкросс: Артем Назаров - подготовка в режиме нон-стоп