SuperData: thanks to hands in the EGS the number of players in GTA V on the PC has increased by 245 %, and in Civilization VI on 477 %

SuperData: благодаря раздачам в EGS количество игроков в GTA V на ПК выросло на 245 %, а в Civilization VI - на 477 %

Analysis Agency SuperData has published a report on digital video game sales in may. The document contains a lot of interesting information, including about the growing popularity of Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization of the VI on the PC thanks to the hands of Epic Games Store.

Basic information gathered by SuperData specialists listed below.

  • The number of players in GTA V on the PC has grown by 245 % and revenue from the version for personal computers has doubled. From Civilization VI, the figures are 477 % and 52 %, respectively. Such success has been achieved largely through the hands of these EGS projects. Although in the case with the strategy of Firaxis Games has also helped to release a new season pass that demand on Steam.
  • Six days since the release of Minecraft Dungeons tested 1.8 million players. The income from the project Mojang Studios was small due to the low price and the appearance in Xbox Game Pass.
  • Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese version PUBG in may brought record-breaking revenue since its release and has become the most profitable game for the month indicated.
  • Income from Pokemon GO increased by 60% compared with April. All thanks to good weather and the opportunities to play from the comfort of home.
  • Compared to the record for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive April, in may, the shooter Valve has lost 6 % of the audience and brought on 9% less revenue. Analysts attribute this to the launch Valorant from Riot Games.

In General, the video game industry earned in may 2020 $10.2 billion, or $300 million (3 %) less than in April. However, compared to the same period last year ($8.9 billion) revenues increased by 14 %: PC – 8% on mobile platforms – on 14 %, on consoles – 23 %.