Superhero binge: Ben Affleck will not star in the new Batman

Супергерой в запое: Бен Аффлек не будет сниматься в новом Бэтмене

The actor finally “gone crazy” after a breakup with a lover. The organizers are urgently looking for a replacement for the main character.

A new film about “the Dark knight” expecting to hire in three years, but it looks like a superhero couldn’t cope with their own problems. Ben Affleck, apparently, in a drinking bout, so to save the world will have someone else. The actor also confirmed that he will not star in the new Batman, so the producers had to urgently find a new younger and less drinking candidate, but so far the search is still ongoing.

It is known that in addition to problems with alcohol Affleck has finally lost his nerve. He recently broke up with his girlfriend Lindsay Sukus, after which he became depressed. The wedge a wedge knock out did not work: after a week of partying in a Sorority, which was accompanied by drug and alcohol, ex-wife, Affleck took him to the clinic.

Ben Affleck has long been trying to cope with alcohol dependence, but apparently the disease was stronger.