Supermoon 2019: when it will be able to see the Ukrainians

Суперлуние 2019: когда ее смогут увидеть украинцы

Amazing cosmic phenomenon can be seen next Tuesday. The evening of 19 February you will see the lot for a year a month. This phenomenon is also called the supermoon.

Writes very large moon can be seen at 18:00 Kyiv time. The next time such a large satellite of the Earth can be seen only on 26 December 2026.

What is special

On February 19 the Moon passes perigee (closest to the Ground point of the orbit of the moon rotating around a planet) a few hours before the full moon phase. So it will be 8% more than usual. Because of this, it is called a Supermoon.

Суперлуние 2019: когда ее смогут увидеть украинцы

What is a Supermoon

Thus, the Moon which can be seen on Tuesday, will be the full Moon in the next 10 years.

But record-high Moon in this century will be December 6, 2052.

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