Supersociety power, porkalot Akhmetov, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine against Israel

Суперзарплаты власти, порохобот Ахметов, МИД Украины против Израиля

The failure of Parliament: Decentralisation and land market delayed

Although this week was expected, the consideration of two landmark bills — the land and of decentralization – the first parliamentary day in 2020 without global solutions.

The draft law on the land are generally removed from the agenda of the week, and then its future is covered with darkness. The draft amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization had to vote today, but at the last moment was removed from the agenda because it turned out that the table of edits it does not mean that I want to take.

However, the “public servants” claim that the problem is purely technical and that today the bill it will be the deputies. Already this week plan to vote in the “zero” reading to send the constitutional court and that the week gave the answer on the constitutionality of the project. If everything works as it should, even before the end of January will be collected for a special session where you will pass the first reading. In February – second and final.

But that’s if everything goes as it should. Because there are several pitfalls that can derail the plan of decentralization of the country. First, the COP may balked – the bill is not small, and examine it in an accelerated mode difficult. Secondly, to intervene can the Council of Europe. And thirdly, local authorities can lobby for a peaceful strike of deputies.

Because the bill in its current form does not suit anyone. On the one hand, he takes the local elites, on the other hand it does not meet the recommendations of the Venice Commission. More precisely, they correspond, while the President’s Office has not made changes to the already prepared bill. And now only a matter of time when Europe will say its weighty word.

So, contrary to the plans of the parliamentary majority, the decentralized blitzkrieg may not happen.

2 billion for small business: how to divide them across the country?

One ambitious law by Parliament yesterday took. More precisely, ambitious in theory, since we are talking about the implementation of the idea of the Prime Minister about cheap loans for business. With the filing of the government’s Parliament yesterday adopted a decision to allocate UAH 2 billion in order to give small and medium business loans at 5-9%.

Maximum loan amount – a half million, give it to five years. Based on the amount, you can immediately assume that the program will interest only a small business, since about 60 thousand dollars – clearly not the same amount that can help to raise the average business.

It is assumed that the two-billionth loan will create in Ukraine, 90 thousand new jobs. However, from that moment, the inconsistencies. Because the loan is usually create at least two jobs. But even if not to hand out half a million and a million credits, you would get only 2, thousands of new enterprises. And almost impossible to imagine that all those 2 thousand new businesses will create 45 jobs when they require two.

And most importantly: 2 thousands of loans for millions across the country – it is a trifle. Of course, you need somewhere to start, and 2 thousand credits is better than nothing. But such a small number of credits will mean that they will distribute his or bribes.

Globally the problem can be solved only by reducing the discount rate of the national Bank below 5%. But it seems to be in the foreseeable future is not expected.

Gift for mom-2: new superpremium in “Naftogaz” and superstability in the Cabinet

In the meantime, the government will divide 2 billion for the whole country, “Naftogaz” has got an extra 700 million. And sharing them will not be on the whole “Naftogaz”, and a couple of dozen people, with the lion’s share will go to the two leaders of the NAC – the A. KOBOLEV and Yuri Vitrenko.

The story of the prizes for winning in the Stockholm court is repeated. Only now top managers set out to split $ 29 million, which is 1% of the winnings. The last time the share KOBOLEV was 8 million dollars, this time, apparently, will be even greater. So living in the States the mother of the head of “Naftogaz” should be satisfied.

While no discontent is not showing and power. If under the former regime, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman at least povozmuschalis (though it’s never cited), the current leadership of the country does not consider it necessary to speak on this topic. Apparently, they believe that on the background of the awards KOBOLEV and Vitrenko all their salaries with bonuses will not seem so big.

However, at least one question to the leaders of the NAC ask would cost. They are in their contracts stipulate that you get 1% of the amount won lawsuits. But if the lawsuits are lost, they too will pay 1% of the amount will take from the state?

However, the theme with the premium top menegerov “Naftogaz” is not new. You can not say about continuing for a second day the scandal of the grandiose salaries in the Cabinet.

And if yesterday was received fragmentary information on individual departments (e.g., Ministry of culture, where the deputies of the Borodyansky wrote themselves salaries in the hundreds of thousands of hryvnia), today the picture has opened even more complete and vpechatleniya. It turns out a large number of Ministers and their deputies has written a Grand prize, as well as financial aid in the tens and hundreds of thousands of hryvnia.

This caused resentment even within the “public Servants”. At a fraction of the President tonight promise to call on Ministers on the carpet. But whether some decisions – the big question.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk has already made a statement that there is nothing wrong with big salaries of top officials does not see, as it helps to fight against the corruption temptations.

Akhmetov: the new boss frames Poroshenko

Now Kiselev will star news channel Akhmetov.

However, the star is not the only one. “Ukraine 24” signed the agreement on the fact that in her live appear author program leading to the infamous channel 5 Yanina Sokolova. And this can be called the pinnacle of “evolution” of Rinat Akhmetov. Once the owner of Donbass, now it does face its own TV channel, in a program which is constantly heard insults of the Donbass.

However, it is not only “evolution” of Akhmetov. Equipment of a news channel frames from the channels Poroshenko shows that the oligarch number one relationship with the authorities continues to be, to put it mildly, strained (not casually yesterday the Parliament voted for cancellation of benefits for Akhmeta green energy). So, Akhmetov tries on the role of the opposition Zelensky.

Only now not from the South-East, and with the nationalist flank.

War Bandera: Ukrainian foreign Ministry rebuffed Israel

Diplomatic war around the glorification in Ukraine of the leaders of the OUN came to a new level. If on 2 January, it all began with a joint statement by the ambassadors of Israel and Poland, expressed dissatisfaction with the portrait of Stepan Bandera on the building of the Kiev mayor’s office and the decision of the Lviv regional Council to perpetuate the memory of alternative OUN leader Andriy Melnyk, but now the conflict has already reached the level of ministries of foreign Affairs.

Yesterday, the Israeli foreign Ministry issued an official statement in which it condemned the fact that “those responsible for the murder of Jews during the Holocaust and the pogroms and anti-Semitic ideologues of the Ukrainian national movement have recently become the subject of public commemoration in Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry promptly replied they, too, are against the Holocaust, but will still adore the fighters for independence, which “disgraced the propaganda machine of the USSR.”

Smart response, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, of course, can not be named. Because it turns out that the Israeli foreign Ministry knows nothing about the history of Ukraine, and their opinions about Bandera and Melnik generates, based on the publications of the long-dead Soviet “propaganda machine”.

Even referred to “the propaganda machine of the USSR” made similar statements only if deliberately wanted to insult another state. But because the Bank already it’s time to figure out what kind of officials in the foreign Ministry lead the line in a conscious break with Israel.

Суперзарплаты власти, порохобот Ахметов, МИД Украины против Израиля

Суперзарплаты власти, порохобот Ахметов, МИД Украины против Израиля

Суперзарплаты власти, порохобот Ахметов, МИД Украины против Израиля