Superstitions about hair and nails about which you should know

Приметы о волосах и ногтях, о которых надо знать

Since ancient times, hair attached great importance and endowed with magical powers. It was believed that hair have the kind of energy and perform the role of connecting element between man and the spirit world. They store the energy, strength, health, faith, and success, so that any changes hairstyles affect the future life of their owners.

There are many signs of hair and nails. We have collected for you the most popular, but believe it or not, you decide, because there is no scientific confirmation that this is all true.


1. In the evening before going to bed is always good to brush your hair – this procedure frees the mind from the accumulated per day information and lays it out on the shelves. So if you are confused in their thoughts or ideas, just enough to take in hand a comb and in my head it’s all instantly clear.

2. Before an important case where you need to be focused, gather your hair into a tight ponytail at the nape. By the way, not casually office style involves strict hairstyle. If you have not too long curls, then at least before leaving the house, gather them in a bundle; this will help to overcome the difficulties during the day.

3. To get rid of the junk of the past, to stop suffering from unrequited love, ailments will help… a trip to the hairdresser. To achieve the best result, in the process of cutting imagine how out negative energy along with bobbed ends of her hair.

4. Carefully choose the wizard’s hair. It is believed that anyone who cuts, has an impact on your biofield. Ideally it needs to be for you a stranger, who is not interested in you and have no intent against your person. Choose positive, not whiners.

Also his aura should be warm towards you: the energy and mood of the hairdresser, you will feel immediately when communicating with them, if you listen to yourself. Didn’t like it? Not come next time.

5. It is strictly forbidden to cut himself. It is dangerous in that it draws money problems, affects psychological and physical health, deters him luck, doomed to loneliness and shortens life.

6. Students are not recommended to cut and even wash your hair before exams, so as not to lose the accumulated and memorized information.

7. Pregnant women try not to get a haircut, as it is believed that the hair store data that must be transferred to the future baby.

8. With the help of the hair can be removed and cause damage, to bewitch favorite, even to curse. Therefore, to cut or even just fallen hair should be treated with great trepidation. In ancient times to just throw away hairs was a strict taboo, so nobody used them for evil purposes. Justified to put hair in a separate bag and hide (under a large stone or wood), but better is to burn.


In many countries there are unspoken rules that affect the nails, because the nails are able to grow not only in our lifetime, but even after it, which is evidence of their independent existence. What not to do according to the mystical observations?

1. Cut nails for little kids, as this procedure is considered a rite of passage of thieves.

2. So the kid is not scared of her long nails, young mothers are advised to bite them and collect in a separate box.

3. However, in the age for women to have long manicured nails means to be secure and self-sufficient. And this concept came to us a very long time. Because before only the nobles, not clouded by economic Affairs, could afford to have long nails and not worry that they will somehow hurt them in the yard.

4. The doctors during heavy operations determine the health of the person by the color of their nails. It is impossible to varnish the nails on the hands and feet, if you have surgery or childbirth.

5. And the size of the Crescent on the holes their nails you without the help of fortune tellers can predict your fate: the wider they are, the longer the life you are destined to live; the clearer they are, the brighter and richer it will be.

6. The nails can be seen, and hidden pathology. Many believe that the emergence of yellow stains prednicarbat a quick death. But do not panic, seeing you have such markings. They can also be a Testament to some medical complications which with the help of doctors can be cured.

7. The appearance of the nails white spots indicate that we should expect a pleasant event. To get rid of them is impossible, because luck will leave with them.

8. But the black specks, on the contrary, unfortunately, so the nails with such labels as soon as possible need to trim in order to protect yourself from trouble.

9. Remember, cut the nails in any case can not throw in the trash, they need to gently flush the toilet. This procedure is to ensure that the particles of the human body did not fall into the wrong hands in order to protect yourself from the impure forces impact the other person.