Support the digital economy: Ukraine and the EU signed the new program to 25 million euros

Поддержка цифровой экономики: Украина и ЕС подписали новую программу на 25 млн евро

The government and the EU signed a new Programme to support e-government and digital economy in Ukraine for 25 million euros. About this on his page in Facebook said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk, reports

Goncharuk said that the digitalization is an important step in overcoming corruption in Ukraine. Therefore, the new Program is the required international technical assistance to support projects in digitization.

“In addition, discussed with Oliver Verhei, EU Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and negotiations, the priorities of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU for 2020. One of the priorities “industrial bezviz” with the European Union. We are expecting a pre-appraisal mission for the start of negotiations”, – wrote the Prime Minister.

Also important agreement for “Common aviation area”, which establishes General standards of safety and liberalizes market relations in the field of aviation. Progress in the negotiations became possible due to Bracito, Goncharuk noted.

“We are interested in the increasing involvement of the EU in the development and implementation of reforms in Ukraine. In particular, we are actively cooperating with the EU in the preparations for the International conference on reforms in Ukraine, which will take place on 7 July in Vilnius,” he said Goncharuk.

As reported during a visit of the European Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and enlargement Oliver Fargei to Ukraine, he met with the Premier-Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk, and assured him of the support of the European Union.