Suprun and Avakov can save portfolios

Супрун и Аваков могут сохранить портфели

Despite repeated statements by the team Zelensky that the new Cabinet will not remain “the old persons”, everything goes to the fact that a number of odious figures will continue to work in the government. “Going very strong bid for the post of Minister of health, Ulyana Suprun not going to back down and has very powerful patrons, “- said “news” a source in “the Servant of the people”.

I’ve heard about this well-known social activist, President of the psychiatric Association Semyon Gluzman. According to him, the President is under tremendous pressure to keep Suprun in the Ministerial chair, and on Monday and Tuesday in Kiev will arrive the delegation of us lobbyists allegedly for the same purpose. “Unfortunately, Vladimir did not tell us about the pressure on him in Canada, where it was not so long ago on an official visit. On his unplanned meeting with the Minister of health of Canada and about Ulyana Suprun, as unplanned caught there and then, “says Semyon Gluzman.

Launched a flash mob

Indirect confirmation of the fact that the scales inclined to Suprun, became a flashmob in support of that suddenly again start in social networks. Thank her for her reforms, both patients and some experts, the doctors. “Ulani everything is real, because she never compromises. Destroying the cozy and comfortable world of Ukrainian officials, it shows that you can produce results and not to negotiate with reshalami. It shows that it is possible to reduce the cost of procurement by 40%. It shows that if the money follows the patients, not the doctors, the money is for the patients becomes much more. It doesn’t matter that the doctors they become less, because suddenly more start to earn a regular doctors and nurses, “writes, among other economist Sergey Fursa, collecting a lot of shares and likes.

Famous doctors, meanwhile, are outraged. “I’m Ukrainian medicine and its real reform, but without Ulani Suprun!” – said chief of Department at the Institute of neurosurgery them. A. P. Romodanov Andriy Guk, calling reform “the haphazard and unmanaged transformation”.

Maxim Ionov, until recently head of the Public Council under the Ministry of health, I am sure that the chances stay in the chair the Minister of health have Suprun big thanks to influential patrons. “This issue is solely political. But I don’t want to say anything good or bad about Suprun, “said he, “Vesti”.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of interior in question

According to political scientist Konstantin Bondarenko, a good chance to “survive”, in addition to Suprun, who is also the current Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova. “She had normal relations with the IMF, which today can be useful to new team“, – said “news” Bondarenko.

Another likely candidate that may not leave the composition of the Cabinet, head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov. “He has become the unofficial assistant Zelensky transit authority since April of this year. And despite the fact that the law enforcement system is in a mess, everything will remain as it is. If you’ll notice, the Avakov has got to the Parliament with the party “servant of the people” the people, “adds Kost Bondarenko.

As already wrote “News”, relatively to the orbit Avakov in the “Servant of the people” include those candidates that are associated with the Ukrainian Institute of the future, whose co-founder is Advisor Avakov Anton Gerashchenko. This, according to the biographies, Galina Yanchenko (No. 5), Sergey Babak (11th) and Denis Monastery (19th). However, the latter in an interview to “Vesti” on the question of whether the hold out Avakov in the chair, said that the position of the team of Vladimir Zelensky is to replace the old leaders with the new.

Today there is a struggle of different interest groups: the group Kolomoisky, the group focused on the West, and so on. Each has its own specific interests, and therefore can be expected in any situation“, – concluded Bondarenko.