Suprun asks you not to believe in the myths about alcoholic drinks

Супрун просит не верить в мифы про алкогольные напитки

Not to spoil the weekend by the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, you need to follow certain rules and not to believe in the myths about alcohol.

This was announced by acting Minister of health Suprun on his page on the social network Facebook.

So, Suprun reminded that alcohol does not warm.

“It is the opposite – it dilates the blood vessels on the surface of the body, and rush of blood a sensation of heat. Internal organs at this time the heat lose. The heat loss from the skin and extremities in the cold is fast, and the overall body temperature is reduced,” – said acting Minister.

As an alternative, Suprun suggested to warm up with walking or light Jogging.

Acting Minister debunked the myth of the sense of self-control in alcohol intoxication.

“Don’t believe in the myth about alcohol “I am capable of/able to control myself”. The fact is that any amount of blood alcohol may affect driving skills and increases the risks of accident. Therefore, in any case, do not drive even if drunk very little,” insists Suprun.

In addition, she explained why not endow some alcoholic beverages medicinal properties.

“To drink or any other kind of alcohol for the prevention or treatment of diseases – is silly. All the possible positive effects that contains alcohol, in the end, due to its harmful properties. And in some cases to use alcohol to “recovery” could be dangerous,” wrote the acting Minister.

Also, according to Suprun, you are recommended not to drink alcohol while taking the medication, despite that the statement that antibiotics should not be combined with alcohol – a myth.

“After a long research it became known that alcohol is completely incompatible with some antibiotics,” – said acting Minister.

Suprun stressed that a safe dose exists.

“This is one of the world’s largest medical myths, which until now, scientists argue. In any case, drinking alcohol, you are risking their health. Encourage you to reduce its consumption to complete failure,” – concluded acting Minister.