Suprun called the products that can be substituted for caviar

Супрун назвала продукты, которыми можно заменить черную икру

Acting Minister of health Suprun called products, which are not inferior to the content of useful elements black caviar

About Suprun wrote in facebook.

According to her there are products that are not inferior to their beneficial properties black caviar, however does not jeopardize the disappearance of whole species of fish.

For example, caviar of salmon (red caviar) and caviar striped mullet and Pollock have similar content of protein and essential amino acids. The content of iron and phosphorus red caviar is almost equal to black, and the content of calcium and magnesium even prevails.

Red caviar is not inferior to the black and the content of vitamins. Meat, some fish (e.g., tuna) and liver of animal origin contain much more vitamin A. with Regards to vitamin E, it can be found in sufficient quantities in sunflower oil.

“The protein content is substantial in the other fish products – meat and liver, even in canned form. So be sure to consume it black caviar. Nutritional vitamins, minerals and fats that it contains, can be found in other products,” says Suprun.