Suprun debunked panic rumors about vaccines in Ukraine

Супрун развенчала панические слухи о вакцинах в Украине

While measles has been “decimated” the Ukrainians in Ukraine are those who see the cause of death in the vaccine. Acting Minister of health Suprun explained that the reason for no deaths in vaccination.

“Statistical data of millions of people who gathered scientists after vaccination, according to vaccine not kill. Vaccines save lives,” she wrote on Facebook, reports

She called people who criticize vaccines, to spread false information, as the first fatal case must be carefully analyzed and explored. The Minister cited the example of the base of the “complications” of vaccination in the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

“The system collects data on any developments in posleauktsionnyh period, the so-called adverse events. And here is the manipulation when the number of registered cases of adverse events after vaccination of antivaccination is interpreted as the number of “complications” and death.

Analysis of reports to VAERS showed no causal connection between vaccines and death or disease that were recorded after vaccination.

The most important thing is to realize that “after vaccination” does not mean “as a result of vaccinations” (fatal case). Unfortunately, spreading rumors about the possible reactions allegedly due to vaccinations easier than to understand the situation. And we get another wave of panic even the results of the study,” explained Suprun.

The acting Minister confirmed that there is a fact of 30 deaths from measles in Ukraine, however, no cases of death from vaccines in the Ukraine was not recorded for the entire period of independence.

“In Ukraine, all adverse reactions after vaccination is monitored closely. Within 30 days after vaccination, each case of reactions, which is not included in waiting for the vaccine is required to be included by the doctor. Information about this case is transferred to lab centers on the national level, where we study the relationship between it and the vaccine”, she added.

We will remind, only for the first month of 2019 in Ukraine, recorded 15 095 cases of measles. As of December 28, 2018 to February 1, 2019 measles in Ukraine got sick 15 095 man – 6364 8731 adults and a child. During the 5th week of 2019 measles sick 3379 people – 1499 1880 adults and children.

Супрун развенчала панические слухи о вакцинах в Украине

Супрун развенчала панические слухи о вакцинах в Украине