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Супрун спростувала шкоду популярної звички - 24 Канал

Sometimes people make remarks, they say, to sit “foot to foot” is unhealthy. VA. the Minister of health Suprun told, in fact, this habit is so harmful.

On this she wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

There are certain studies that indicate that the habit to throw the legs may cause a slight increase in pressure. And after you put the legs in the usual position, the pressure returns to the previous state.

Ulyana Suprun

“So for people with normal blood pressure sitting with crossed legs will have serious consequences. But if you have problems with pressure, it is better to avoid prolonged sitting in the position with crossed legs. If you like to cross your legs in the legs — keep calm, this increase in pressure does not cause.”

Suprun has denied the information that the habit to sit “foot to foot” leads to varicose veins. According to her, if to speak about the disease, prolonged sitting or standing in one position in General, not just with crossed legs increases the risk of developing. And the habit to sit are not one of the reasons for development of varicose veins.

Varicose veins – what is it?

This extension of superficial veins accompanied by failure of valves and blood flow disorders.

Prolonged sitting with crossed legs can also negatively affect posture. In one study, determined that the seat in this position for more than 3 hours a day can cause excessive body bending forward and rounding the shoulders.

Супрун спростувала шкоду популярної звички - 24 Канал
Safe habit to cross your legs

Through this, the muscles compensate for the faults of posture, which could lead to discomfort, tension and back pain or joint pain.
Crossing your legs will not cause harm to the body.

However, if you like to sit a long time and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the consequences of man can feel.

Suprun suggests to get up every half hour, at least 5 minutes, if a person sits for a long time.

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